The Benefits Of Using Hexagon Tiles In The Bathroom

Tiling a bathroom can be a challenging task


Tiling a bathroom can be a challenging task.  Not only is the tiling task complicated in itself, but the decision of which tiles to use can be daunting.  The choice of tile may seem simple, but there are various factors to consider when choosing the ideal tile to enhance the bathroom’s beauty.  This article will provide a guide on why using hexagon tiles is the most suitable option and what benefits these types of tiles may have.

1. Unending Beauty

Despite all tiles presenting with various colors, it is the hexagonal tile that tends to provide the sense of unending beauty.  When laying square tiles, you will see the rift between the tiles is highly noticeable and can cause a break in the material; however, hexagonal tiles do not have the intense divide.  The six edge layout fits neatly inside the next tile creating a continuous surface, or at least the image of a continuous and unending surface.  This is particularly beneficial if you are creating a large image across the tiles and do not want any rifts in the design.

black & white hexagon tile pattern

2. Enhancing The Room

Hexagon tiles are often created with intense colors used to bring out the hues in the particular room’s walls.  The placement of the tiles can also highlight the furnishings in the room enhancing their clarity and promoting space within the area.  Of course, this does depend on the type of material used for the tile.  The most popular choice is a terra cotta tile, but this may not be the best option for a bathroom renovation as the terra cotta tile is not water resistant.  Moroccan tiles are typically the most beneficial for bathrooms.

Final Words On The Matter

Tiling a bathroom is an important task when completing any home improvement; therefore, it is essential that you locate the most suitable material.  The information in this article will help you make an informed decision as to whether or not hexagonal tiles are suited to your situation.

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    I love hexagon tiles, I would like to see more bathroom renovations use them

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