Heat Your Water With Melbourne Sunshine Thanks to Solar Hot Water Systems

Selecting and installing a solar hot water system for your Melbourne home could be one of the greatest things you do this year. Instead of using fossil fuels and natural resources to create hot water, all you’ve got to do is harness the warmth of the sun every day. You can even choose to just preheat your water with a solar system if you prefer. Not only can this potentially cut your costs to create hot water by 50%, you can install a backup storage tank that is gas or electrically powered if you wish just to make sure your water doesn’t run cold.

Here’s how it works.

  • Water is stored safely until it is needed.  Insulated structures will hold the water until it is needed, allowing the solar energy to heat it effectively. A tempering valve is included because the water can get incredibly hot at the tap when it isn’t used often.
  • Collectors absorb the thermal energy. The sunlight thermal energy is collected by panels that are positioned at the peak sunlight reception areas of your home. This energy is then transferred into your solar hot water system. A family of 3-4 can usually have their needs met with just two collectors. Some collectors even work under overcast conditions.
  • A circulation system is then installed. Your new solar hot water system can have the water circulated through the thermal energy, heated through a tankless system powered by the sun, or use indirect methods that involve heat exchange in some way.


The benefit of choosing solar energy from brands like Aquamax, Dux, Rheem, or Therman is this: you can choose the perfect style of solar hot water for your home so that your needs can be met whether you live in the Eastern suburbs or in the heart of Melbourne itself.

How Big Should Your Solar Hot Water System Be?

Large households should always look at the advantages of a 300 litre hot water storage system. They provide an appropriate amount of hot water that can be replenished throughout the day so that every need can be effectively met. Not even tankless heaters can match the high demand needs for hot water that large families of 6+ members may need on a regular basis.

Most Melbourne homes will benefit from the installation of a 270 litre solar powered system. This meets the needs of 3-4 people easily, especially if the needs for hot water are distributed throughout the day. This type of system may struggle if multiple showers are needed at the same time laundry is being completed or dishes are being washed, but overall it tends to be the best value purchase.

Multiple sizes and multiple warranty lengths are available to meet the needs of your family right now. If it is time to upgrade your hot water system, then consider an investment into solar. Not only is it a healthy choice for the planet, but it is healthier for your long-term budget as well. 

What Are the Costs of Solar Hot Water Systems?

Solar hot water systems for the home are not inexpensive. Depending on the type of hot water system that is desired, the total cost of installation and equipment can be as high as $7,000. When you’re trying to recover from an enormously high electrical or gas bill that was caused by a faulty system in the first place, the sticker shock for a solar system can make it easy to disregard.

The actual cost of a solar system depends on the structure and design of your Melbourne home. If you’re interested in what this kind of hot water system could provide your home, then be sure to contact us today to schedule a no obligation assessment. It takes about 30 minutes for us to assess the property and to give you a quote.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss the advantages of solar. It may be a higher short-term cost, but there is a lot of long-term potential for this kind of system. Some solar hot water systems are rated to last for 30+ years. The costs of solar compared to the conventional gas or electrical from a long-term perspective are much lower. Sometimes the initial investment can also be offset by rebates and incentives to lessen the initial investment. 

A solar hot water system may not work for every home if sunlight access is restricted, but with the abundant levels of sunshine we receive every year it could be right for you. If you’ve been thinking about converting to solar for awhile, then today is the day to do it. Let us know what you’d like to see for your home and take advantage of all the benefits given by the Melbourne sunshine.