Hot Water Heating Systems

From the word itself, it is perfectly understandable that the hot water system warms or heats water. We can not deny the reality that we need hot water. We require it for our coffee and soups. We need warm water for our baths (we do not desire to freeze to death with cold water). We require it to clean our clothes in, to clean our cars and trucks with and to warm our swimming pools. We need it for a relaxing soak in the tub after a difficult day at work. Genuinely, there are many things that require using hot water and the most convenient method to have hot water is by making use of hot water heater.

Different Types of Hot Water Heating Systems

The marketplace today uses different types and type of hot water systems to fit everyone’s requirements. Presently there are 3 types and you can select one that you believe would best match your requirements and your budget plan.

Aquamax gas hot water different types of hot water

Gas Hot Water Systems

One that is getting the most popularity is the gas hot water system. This serves the double purpose of not only warming up your house however also warming up water as well. This choice tends to be less expensive than the electric type especially if you have actually a piped supply of gas. There are two main types of gas hot water heaters, you have your standard and most popular mains pressure gas storage hot water heater which come in various makes and sizes. There is a basic 135 litre 4 star gas energy rated system which comes with a seven year cylinder warranty. Then you have a top of the range system, which is a stainless steel 5 star gas energy rated 10 year warranty system which is a 155 litre cylinder but with a patented built in mixing valve, gives you 390 litres of continuous flow at a safe 55 degrees. The other type of water heater is continuous flow water heater also known as an instant hot water system, these also come in different makes and sizes but Veeken Plumbing only recommend two brands Rinnai and Thermann

Aquamax electric hot water

Electric Hot Water Systems

Many individuals use an electric hot water heating systems. To it might be a bit expensive to utilize because of the electrical costs related to it, it can quickly supply you with heated water in as short as 15 minutes.

thermann solar hot water

Solar Hot Water Systems

Another favourite is the solar hot water heater. The solar water heating unit depends on the sun’s power to warm up your water. Your geographical area is necessary to think about when purchasing this type of hot water heater. It is crucial that you get amply supply of sunshine to be able to maximize making use of your heating system. If you live in a location with a warm weather this would truly can be found in convenient. These don’t come at a low-cost rate though. If you are considering a long term investment, one that might certainly save you on costs, a solar water heating unit would be a good option for after all; the sun’s power is definitely complimentary. Just in case there is no sun, solar hot water systems come with a built in back-up water heating unit just to get you through.

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