Experience the Benefits of Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems in Melbourne

Instead of running out of hot water with a traditional water heater, continuous flow hot water systems provide a home or business with a continuous delivery of hot water that is at a consistent temperature. There is no need to heat a tank with this system. Energy is only used when the hot water is engaged. At Veeken Plumbing, we represent some of the best brands of instantaneous hot water systems that are available right now.

In an instantaneous hot water system, the cold water is brought to a burner that is ignited when the hot water tap is turned on. The water then passes through a heat exchanger and then is delivered to the tap. The heating process happens instantly and provides a forever stream of hot water. With the brand names that we represent at Veeken Plumbing, the accuracy of water temperature can be just one degree off from its set point.

There’s also the added advantage in the fact that there is no need to store a large quantity of water in a home or business with a continuous flow system and there is much less energy loss being experienced.

Therman 26l gas continuous flow hot water. Veeken Plumbing 7
Therman 26l gas continuous flow hot water. Veeken Plumbing 7

What Size of Instantaneous Hot Water System Is Right For Me?

There is a wide variety of applications and capacities to consider with the modern continuous water flow system. Most are able to be mounted internally and don’t require a flue. Veeken Plumbing can help your Melbourne home or business find a system that can meet your capacity needs so that you’ll never run short of hot water again.

What about water quality issues? It is true that continuous flow systems are not as efficient at heating water when there is a poor quality to the water supply. Some systems may struggle to reach peak hour demands within a home or business as well if the size has not been properly considered. At Veeken Plumbing, we can help to make sure these potential disadvantages are negated with a free, no obligation conversation about how this hot water delivery system could change your life.

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You Can Even Keep Your Existing Hot Water Heater

Continuous flow hot water systems can even work with traditional storage systems so that each is able to overcome any potential disadvantages that the other may provide. A new continuous system could decrease the time it takes to heat a tank, boost capacities, or increase flow rates once installed.

 Every home and business has unique needs that must be met. If you’re thinking about the benefits of instantaneous hot water, then contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss how