Ducted Heater Change over

Ducted Heater Change Over

Replace your old inefficient or broken down ducted heating unit with a new high energy-efficient unit

Are there times when you wonder if your ducted heating unit is working properly? Is it hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature? If so, it may be time to look for a new energy efficient ducted heater system, Veeken Plumbing can help you with that.

Braemar TQ320 Gas Ducted Heater Supply and Install External Changeover Price

AC Filter Replacement

Air filters are a major component to all HVAC systems and need to be replaced at least once or twice a year

Spilt System Install

Split System Installation

Have you split system installed by us

Have your brand new split system air conditioining installed buy one of our profetional tradesman
Our tradesman are fully licensed and fully insured
We are clean and tidy installers an wont leave any mess
We will install for you weather you buy your unit from us or you buy one elsewhere

Installation Description

  • Prices are based on standard back to back installations
  • Standard back to back installation includes:
  • Up to 3m of pipe
  • Up to 3m of drain pipe
  • 2.2m of pipe cover
  • 2x concrete slab base
  • Certificate of Compliance.

Electrical Connections

  • Curcuit breaker in switchboard
  • Up to 15m of cable
  • Up to 4m interconnecting cable
  • Weatherproof Safety Isolator at outdoor unit
  • Certificate of Electrical Safety

All work is carried out by licensed and insured technicians
All work carried out to Australian standards
& to all OHS & WHS requirements
All work guaranteed for 7 years.



If you notice that your dishwashing faucet is constantly dripping or if it is not working effectively anymore, it may be the cause of your higher water bill. Do not let a damaged faucet make a hole on your wallet. Getting your faucet upgraded or repaired will help in eliminating the leaks, preventing future plumbing damage, and putting money back in your pocket. Emergency Plumber Melbourne can help you install, upgrade, or repair your dishwashing faucet in no time. Call us today for any of your dishwasher plumbing needs, whether it is a clogged sink or dripping faucet.



In terms of tap repairs and other tap plumbing needs across Melbourne, we are professionals in all leaky taps and sink plumbing issues. We can help with expert installations of any tap design that you have, even the latest design. From bathroom to kitchen taps, Emergency Plumber Melbourne can be your best partner. Leaking taps can be caused by corrosion and with that, we can provide assistance with any tap repairs for all issues with regards to your tap. Blocked tap washers? Emergency Plumber Melbourne has the answer. With our relevant experience and expertise, you can ensure that our plumbers would be on time for both your busy schedule and your home. For any of your water tap leaking and bathroom and kitchen leaks, you can rely on our team of professional plumbers to deliver outstanding customer service.



Leaks can go unnoticed for several weeks or even months, or it can be a consistent annoyance around the house. No matter if your leaking sink is on your mind or not, it is important to get leaks taken care of as efficiently and quickly as possible. Consistent water dripping or running water could cause costly damage and it may result in expensive plumbing repairs, or even replacement. Leaks can also result to fixture or pipe corrosion over a long period of time, leading to getting your home plumbing system damaged. If you notice water dripping from your sinks, do not delay any longer. Call Emergency Plumber Melbourne and our skilled plumbers are available 24/7 for sink emergencies and we always go extra mile by guaranteeing our workmanship. 

Do you see or hear the signs of dripping? Do you have higher water bill? Do you have squeaky sink? Or rotten food smell and mold? A leak is probably nearby. While you may be thinking that you would notice a consistent drip, there are several rooms in your house that you may not frequently checked as much. Listen closely in the nearest sound of the dripping or nearest rotten smell of food. Also, check on the rooms that you are not using as much. On the other hand, you can let our professionals at Emergency Plumber Melbourne to get your sink and other areas of the house checked for any water leaks and plumbing problems.



When it comes to toilet repairs and other toilet plumbing needs all over Melbourne, you can effectively trust our team. Do you have blocked toilets? Do not worry because all toilet blockages will be cleared quick and easy with our latest technology. We will be there on time, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Do you need your toilet to be repaired? Ranging from leaking toilets, down to a running toilet that is not stopping, along with toilet that is not flushing, we have professional team that can handle it with a rapid and expert repair for any of your toilet issues. We also provide new toilet installation service. With a wide variety of latest designs for toilets, and with more water saving options and more effective flushing available, Emergency Plumber Melbourne can help you with expert installation for your new toilet. For all your toilet needs or bathroom leaks, you can rely on our master plumbers. Contact us today.

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

We are offering professional cleaning services at a cost-effective manner. Our reliable plumbers are able to provide preventative drain cleaning services, along with emergency gas plumbing service for clogged drains. Because we are available 24/7, it is always the right time to call on our team. We are offering upfront pricing and we keep our rates consistent. When you call us, you will be able to expect experienced, clean, courteous, and knowledgeable plumbing service. We take pride in all the works that we perform, everything from cleaning up to a clogged drain in your kitchen, or taking care of your outdoor drain.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be a serious problem. Ranging from bathroom to kitchen, a blocked drain will be able to slow you down, leaving unwanted residue behind, and causing all kinds of problems. Worry no more because Emergency Plumber Melbourne will provide you with quick responses, quality service, and effective results. Our workmanship is guaranteed, so you will be able to have complete peace of mind when calling on our plumbers. We will accommodate your schedule, ensuring that we would walk you through the issue that must be repaired. 

Gas Heater

Gas Heating

We provide a quick response to repair your leak across the Melbourne area. It can be gas hot water, gas appliance, or gas heaters leak in any commercial or residential property. Our gas fitters are professionals in all repairing and gas detection for any gas leak. We are fully equipped with experience and tools for providing service and installing all your gas heater requirement. We provide installations of gas cook tops and gas ovens. We will cater to any of your gas connected necessities for your gas heaters, which include swimming pool heaters, boilers, and outdoor heaters. 

If you have a gas leak issue with any of your gas pipes or gas appliances, we can perform a complete expert repair. As a professional plumber that you can trust, you do not have to worry about anything because we deliver outstanding customer service. For all your gas heater leak detection and other gas heating repairs, you can trust our team of master plumbers to deliver exceptional customer service. We also provide carbon monoxide testing. Contact us today.

General Plumber (Home)

General Plumber for your home

General Plumber (Home Plumber)

Just like most homeowners, you are most probably on a tight budget in terms of home repairs and maintenance. Plumbing problems are commonly being pushed to the bottom of the list for home maintenance. Until there is an emergency, most homeowners do not like thinking about their plumbing problems. While several house plumbing problems may be minor, they can actually become a serious emergency in the making. Rather than waiting to get your leaking pipe to become a more costly headache, or having your clogged drain to turn into a major water damage, call Emergency Plumber Melbourne to get an effective and fast repair.  Our maintenance plumber will check all issues that you may have in your home.

Maintenance is important in extending your plumbing system’s life and ensuring that everything will flow smoothly in your home. Whether you need a thorough clearing or regular maintenance checking, Emergency Plumber Melbourne can surely help you. We are known for providing high quality plumbing services for local residential, neighborhood business at reasonable prices. We always strive to become the a long term partner for our clients simply by having courteous technicians, high quality customer service, and unrivalled workmanship. If you need any home plumbing services, call us today and it is our pleasure to answer your calls.

24/7 Emergency Plumber

24/7 Emergency Plumbing

With Emergency Plumber Melbourne as your friendly and fast emergency plumber, we are here to help you with your emergency plumbing necessities 24/7, at your business or at home. Weekends, nights, and even holidays, you will be catered with your needs and our customer service representatives will always be there to greet you, scheduling an appointment for you to meet your needs. If it is an emergency, we will dispatch a professional plumbing technician to your home the soonest that we can. We are just one call away. Our expert Melbourne emergency plumber will take care of your emergency gas line problems, burst washing machine hoses, bathroom and kitchen clogged drains, sewer line stoppages, overflowing toilets, broken water heaters, and so much more. 

Drain and plumbing problems are commonly cropping up over the special occasions and holidays when you have many guests. If you see signs of a backed-up toilet or you have clogged drain, it is a better choice to request assistance before the problem would worsen. You also need to make sure that you know where the shut off valve of your water line is located to help get the damage minimized from any water line problems. Contact us whenever you need our help and we will send our plumber Melbourne as soon as possible. 

Solar Hot Water Systems

Heat Your Water With Melbourne Sunshine Thanks to Solar Hot Water Systems

Selecting and installing a solar hot water system for your Melbourne home could be one of the greatest things you do this year. Instead of using fossil fuels and natural resources to create hot water, all you’ve got to do is harness the warmth of the sun every day. You can even choose to just preheat your water with a solar system if you prefer. Not only can this potentially cut your costs to create hot water by 50%, you can install a backup storage tank that is gas or electrically powered if you wish just to make sure your water doesn’t run cold.

Here’s how it works.

  • Water is stored safely until it is needed.  Insulated structures will hold the water until it is needed, allowing the solar energy to heat it effectively. A tempering valve is included because the water can get incredibly hot at the tap when it isn’t used often.
  • Collectors absorb the thermal energy. The sunlight thermal energy is collected by panels that are positioned at the peak sunlight reception areas of your home. This energy is then transferred into your solar hot water system. A family of 3-4 can usually have their needs met with just two collectors. Some collectors even work under overcast conditions.
  • A circulation system is then installed. Your new solar hot water system can have the water circulated through the thermal energy, heated through a tankless system powered by the sun, or use indirect methods that involve heat exchange in some way.


The benefit of choosing solar energy from brands like Aquamax, Dux, Rheem, or Therman is this: you can choose the perfect style of solar hot water for your home so that your needs can be met whether you live in the Eastern suburbs or in the heart of Melbourne itself.

How Big Should Your Solar Hot Water System Be?

Large households should always look at the advantages of a 300 litre hot water storage system. They provide an appropriate amount of hot water that can be replenished throughout the day so that every need can be effectively met. Not even tankless heaters can match the high demand needs for hot water that large families of 6+ members may need on a regular basis.

Most Melbourne homes will benefit from the installation of a 270 litre solar powered system. This meets the needs of 3-4 people easily, especially if the needs for hot water are distributed throughout the day. This type of system may struggle if multiple showers are needed at the same time laundry is being completed or dishes are being washed, but overall it tends to be the best value purchase.

Multiple sizes and multiple warranty lengths are available to meet the needs of your family right now. If it is time to upgrade your hot water system, then consider an investment into solar. Not only is it a healthy choice for the planet, but it is healthier for your long-term budget as well. 

What Are the Costs of Solar Hot Water Systems?

Solar hot water systems for the home are not inexpensive. Depending on the type of hot water system that is desired, the total cost of installation and equipment can be as high as $7,000. When you’re trying to recover from an enormously high electrical or gas bill that was caused by a faulty system in the first place, the sticker shock for a solar system can make it easy to disregard.

The actual cost of a solar system depends on the structure and design of your Melbourne home. If you’re interested in what this kind of hot water system could provide your home, then be sure to contact us today to schedule a no obligation assessment. It takes about 30 minutes for us to assess the property and to give you a quote.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss the advantages of solar. It may be a higher short-term cost, but there is a lot of long-term potential for this kind of system. Some solar hot water systems are rated to last for 30+ years. The costs of solar compared to the conventional gas or electrical from a long-term perspective are much lower. Sometimes the initial investment can also be offset by rebates and incentives to lessen the initial investment. 

A solar hot water system may not work for every home if sunlight access is restricted, but with the abundant levels of sunshine we receive every year it could be right for you. If you’ve been thinking about converting to solar for awhile, then today is the day to do it. Let us know what you’d like to see for your home and take advantage of all the benefits given by the Melbourne sunshine. 

Electric Storage Hot Water System

Electric Storage Hot Water Systems For Your Melbourne Home

When a hot water system needs to be replaced, it isn’t that uncommon for the same tank to be purchased to replace the malfunctioning one. Over the last few years, however, electric storage hot water systems have evolved to become more energy efficient than ever before. There are more choices now than you probably remember there being, especially if you haven’t upgraded your system for a few years.


If you’ve got an older 200 litre hot water system installed in your home, then you’ve probably got the timing down as to when you’re going to be running out of hot water. Today’s top brands of electrical systems, such as Aquamax, Dux, Rheem, and Therman can replace all 200 litres of hot water used for showers, dishes, or laundry in just 1 hour. This means you can potentially have a smaller hot water system that provides better results than your previous system. 

Here Are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a New System

If you’re thinking about a new electric storage hot water system, then here are some of the things that must be considered before deciding on what size of system you need.

  • How many people are in the home? Young children use much less hot water than older children or adults, but they’ll also grow up quickly. If you have four young children right now, a system that can support 6 full-time users will be needed within the next 10 years. Since warranties may extend to 12+ years, an investment now makes sense. Don’t plan based on what your household is like right now. Plan for what the future may hold. 
  • How many bathrooms are in the home? If you have three bathrooms in your home that could all potentially require hot water, then your new electrical system needs to be able to support this.
  • How big are your appliances and bathroom facilities? Large bathtubs can hold a remarkable amount of hot water. Washing machines and dishwashers can also use a surprising amount of hot water.

Manufacturers like Rheem, who have served Melbourne families for nearly 80 years, make electric hot water systems that are as small as 25L and as large as 400L so all of your needs can be met. Look for models that use mains pressure to make sure there is a steady stream of water at the point of service so there aren’t interruptions. In doing so, you’ll have the best possible hot water system for your home.

What Type of Electrical System Should You Use?

Some hot water systems that are electrical powered have internal timers that can be set so the water can be heated away from the peak usage hours of the day. Peak use electrical charges can be much higher than off-peak use, which means your home will be able to save more on the costs to heat water when it turns on at the specified times. Time of use and continuous use are also options based on your household needs.

Why choose continuous use? If electricity is always available to the hot water system, then a smaller tank can be installed in the home. This creates a smaller short-term investment, but spreads out long-term costs because of the 24/7 power access that is available. Time of use is generally a good compromise because it offers continuous power, but at variable rates, so your home can stay in control of your hot water costs. 

Is a Hybrid Electrical Hot Water System Right For You?

New technologies have allowed hot water system manufacturers to combine the traditional electrical heater with a heat pump. This pump extracts the heat from the surrounding Melbourne air and uses it to help create hot water. They use less energy than the traditional electrical models and though they cost a little more upfront, they are quickly recovered by the monthly savings that are experienced.

Not every home is suited for a hybrid system. The heat pumps are usually placed on top and need a specific amount of clearance and non-cooled space around the heater. A condensate pump is also necessary if there isn’t a drain that is close. 

Electric storage hot water systems are very common today and highly affordable. If you’ve received an unpleasant surprise with your electrical bill which indicates your current system is failing, then take a few moments to contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss the benefits of today’s modern technology and help you find the perfect hot water system for your home. 

Continuous Flow Hot Water System

Experience the Benefits of Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems in Melbourne

Instead of running out of hot water with a traditional water heater, continuous flow hot water systems provide a home or business with a continuous delivery of hot water that is at a consistent temperature. There is no need to heat a tank with this system. Energy is only used when the hot water is engaged. At Veeken Plumbing, we represent some of the best brands of instantaneous hot water systems that are available right now.

In an instantaneous hot water system, the cold water is brought to a burner that is ignited when the hot water tap is turned on. The water then passes through a heat exchanger and then is delivered to the tap. The heating process happens instantly and provides a forever stream of hot water. With the brand names that we represent at Veeken Plumbing, the accuracy of water temperature can be just one degree off from its set point.

There’s also the added advantage in the fact that there is no need to store a large quantity of water in a home or business with a continuous flow system and there is much less energy loss being experienced.

Therman 26l gas continuous flow hot water. Veeken Plumbing 7
Therman 26l gas continuous flow hot water. Veeken Plumbing 7

What Size of Instantaneous Hot Water System Is Right For Me?

There is a wide variety of applications and capacities to consider with the modern continuous water flow system. Most are able to be mounted internally and don’t require a flue. Veeken Plumbing can help your Melbourne home or business find a system that can meet your capacity needs so that you’ll never run short of hot water again.

What about water quality issues? It is true that continuous flow systems are not as efficient at heating water when there is a poor quality to the water supply. Some systems may struggle to reach peak hour demands within a home or business as well if the size has not been properly considered. At Veeken Plumbing, we can help to make sure these potential disadvantages are negated with a free, no obligation conversation about how this hot water delivery system could change your life.

Buy a Continuous Flow Hot Water System

You Can Even Keep Your Existing Hot Water Heater

Continuous flow hot water systems can even work with traditional storage systems so that each is able to overcome any potential disadvantages that the other may provide. A new continuous system could decrease the time it takes to heat a tank, boost capacities, or increase flow rates once installed.

 Every home and business has unique needs that must be met. If you’re thinking about the benefits of instantaneous hot water, then contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss how

Bathroom Renovations

Veeken Plumbing Bathroom Renovations Ensuite designs registered builder

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Enjoy the pleasures of great relaxation by investing in the perfect everyday relaxation getaway. Our bathroom specialists know just how to make every day feel like a getaway. We give you the dream life on the best budgets and make homecoming attractive. Whether you are trying to revamp your old bathroom, make some minor renovations or moving to a new place in around Melbourne and you need the best hands in the business to plan and design a bathroom that reflects your tastes and lifestyle, we are the one-stop place for all your bath renovation and remodeling needs.

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Gas Storage Hot Water Systems in Melbourne

When you need hot water on-demand, you get it, right? You do if you have a high quality gas storage hot water system installed in your home. Whether a storage tank is more appropriate for your needs or the traditional hot water heater is more of what you need, the best brands on the market today offer you the best value for your Melbourne home.

Aquamax, Dux, Rheem, and Thermann all provide you with a dependable experience for a price that is surprisingly affordable. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new storage hot water system right now, then here are some tips to help you make sure you spend your hard earned money on a product that will effectively meet your needs.

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The Right Capacity Storage Hot Water Makes All the Difference

aquamax-gas-hot-water-unitsMost storage tank systems for hot water are sold based on the amount of water that they can hold. For the average household of 2-4 individuals, a 300 litre gas storage hot water systems provides enough hot water on demand for about 3 showers, a load of laundry, washing the dishes, and for washing the hands with warm water about a dozen times. Households of 5-6 should consider stepping up to a tank that holds at least 400 litres at a time.

Capacity isn’t the only measurement to consider during the shopping process. Water is funneled into the tank after hot water is used, which means there is always a supply that is being heated. This means the first-hour rating of the tank will measure how much additional water can be replaced in an hour after the reserves have been used.

Buy a Gas Storage Hot Water System

Why Gas Over Electric Storage Tanks?

 It is true that electrical hot water storage tanks are less expensive to purchase in most circumstances. The only problem is that electrical heat is not as efficient for a storage tank as gas heat happens to be. Over the average lifespan of any hot water system, gas systems are going to have 50% of the ongoing service costs of their electrical counterparts. It may only take 12 months for the price difference of the storage tank to be recovered because of how efficient gas heating is for a water storage tank.

To break this down into real numbers, the average home in Melbourne spends about 20% of their energy costs on heating water. Upgrading to a brand new gas storage hot water system can cut that percentage down to 10%. That means a $300 current cost for electrical heat due to the water storage system potentially becomes $150. What could you do with an extra $1,500+ every year?

Have You Heard of a Condensing Gas Storage Tanks?

One of the exciting new innovations in field of hot water storage systems are condensing gas water tanks. These are extremely energy efficient systems that work well for Melbourne households that need hot water support for at least 2 individuals on a daily basis. The system captures the heat that would normally escape through the tank’s flue so that it can be recycled into the heating process. This prevents water from turning into vapor and can further reduce monthly costs.


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Do You Need an Anti-Scale System?

 The top brands today also create hot water systems that are not as affected by the minerals that can sometimes be found in Melbourne’s water supply. This white, flaky substance is called “scale” and it builds up a few particles at a time in some homes. You’ll see it around the drains of your sink, on faucet heads, and sometimes as water spots on your dishware. Hot water systems with anti-scale require less cleaning because the water is swirled at the bottom of the tank.

You can then create security with your investment by looking for a storage tank that offers a long-term warranty. Most warranties from the top brands like Aquamax, Dux, Rheem, and Thermann will usually be in the 3-12 year range. The cost of a hot water system with an extended warranty is usually a little more, but you also typically receive better protection for your overall investment.

As a final step, think about investing into brass drain valves if you can, a glass-lined tank to prevent internal corrosion, and make sure your new storage tank fits into the space properly before purchasing so you’re not stuck with an unpleasant installation surprise.

Your Melbourne home deserves to have the hot water you need when you need to have it. A proper gas storage hot water system will do just that. Contact Veeken Plumbing today with any question you may have about your hot water system so that you won’t be left out in the cold.

Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Heating Systems

From the word itself, it is perfectly understandable that the hot water system warms or heats water. We can not deny the reality that we need hot water. We require it for our coffee and soups. We need warm water for our baths (we do not desire to freeze to death with cold water). We require it to clean our clothes in, to clean our cars and trucks with and to warm our swimming pools. We need it for a relaxing soak in the tub after a difficult day at work. Genuinely, there are many things that require using hot water and the most convenient method to have hot water is by making use of hot water heater.

Different Types of Hot Water Heating Systems

The marketplace today uses different types and type of hot water systems to fit everyone’s requirements. Presently there are 3 types and you can select one that you believe would best match your requirements and your budget plan.

Aquamax gas hot water different types of hot water

Gas Hot Water Systems

One that is getting the most popularity is the gas hot water system. This serves the double purpose of not only warming up your house however also warming up water as well. This choice tends to be less expensive than the electric type especially if you have actually a piped supply of gas. There are two main types of gas hot water heaters, you have your standard and most popular mains pressure gas storage hot water heater which come in various makes and sizes. There is a basic 135 litre 4 star gas energy rated system which comes with a seven year cylinder warranty. Then you have a top of the range system, which is a stainless steel 5 star gas energy rated 10 year warranty system which is a 155 litre cylinder but with a patented built in mixing valve, gives you 390 litres of continuous flow at a safe 55 degrees. The other type of water heater is continuous flow water heater also known as an instant hot water system, these also come in different makes and sizes but Veeken Plumbing only recommend two brands Rinnai and Thermann

Aquamax electric hot water

Electric Hot Water Systems

Many individuals use an electric hot water heating systems. To it might be a bit expensive to utilize because of the electrical costs related to it, it can quickly supply you with heated water in as short as 15 minutes.

thermann solar hot water

Solar Hot Water Systems

Another favourite is the solar hot water heater. The solar water heating unit depends on the sun’s power to warm up your water. Your geographical area is necessary to think about when purchasing this type of hot water heater. It is crucial that you get amply supply of sunshine to be able to maximize making use of your heating system. If you live in a location with a warm weather this would truly can be found in convenient. These don’t come at a low-cost rate though. If you are considering a long term investment, one that might certainly save you on costs, a solar water heating unit would be a good option for after all; the sun’s power is definitely complimentary. Just in case there is no sun, solar hot water systems come with a built in back-up water heating unit just to get you through.

Buy a Hot Water Heater