Say goodbye to sticky nights and swelteringly hot days in your home thanks to the modern and personalised air conditioning services Lilydale locals can get from the team at Veeken Plumbing.

As the best “air condition team near me” for Melburnians located throughout the Eastern Suburbs we can make sure that those inside the property are able to find efficient and effective relief from the heat regardless of how hot it gets outside.

Stocking only the units and systems that we would have in our homes we can guarantee that your quality of life will be improved after a visit from our installation experts.

In addition to our effective plumbing solutions Veeken Plumbing has the knowledge and expertise to install and repair air conditioning for Lilydale locals suffering through summer.

Split System Air Conditioning Installation in Lilydale

Make the right choice for your home thanks to the experts at Veeken Plumbing. Along with fixing damaged and outdated plumbing systems our hands-on and well-equipped team can install the best split system air conditioning units for Lilydale homeowners.

With over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the industry Veeken Plumbing is able to install our split system air conditioning units in the best location of the home, optimally delivering fresh and cool air throughout the property as efficiently as possible.

Able to immediately change the temperature of the home, split system units are an efficient way to control the climate in your living space while keeping energy bills manageable. For more information about our services call us directly on 0424 661 413.

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