replacing a recirculating pump and non return valve on a hot water ring main on a commercial property

We we received a call from a semi commercial premises that had reported to us that they had no hot water in their kitchens or bathrooms.

After inspecting the system with found they had a hot water ring main with a recirculating pump which fed all of the fixtures.

Plant room with the hot water system and recirculating hot water ring main

I trace the whole hot water ring main out to make sure it was a complete loop, it was.

I found that the non return valve above the recirculating pump had completely worn out inside and was causing the recirculating pump to circulate in a loop causing it to finally fail

Faulty recirculating pump and nonreturn valve

I replaced the recirculating pump and non return valve with a new one.

New recirculating pump and return valve

The the electrician wide in a new timer to come on at 6am and turn off at 6pm

Timer set for 6am to 6pm

The the hot water system is now working well, they have a continuous flow of hot water and have hot water and every tap within seconds of turning them on.

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