We are located in the more popular and denser part of the Croydon area but the pavement in Croydon is some of the best in the whole of England. The pavements in Croydon are laid in intricate designs which feature interesting benches and the pavement is polished to a gleaming reflective silver. Croydon’s street names feature several names of its own, as its streets are named after persons, places and events, usually in an amusing way. Some of the streets in Croydon are: The Dogs Barking, Wind, Sways, Hip London, and Fish and Chips.

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But Croydon is also famous for its Indian themed bazaars, Indian music festivals, a good Indian restaurant, KFC and Pizza Hut and even on a relatively warm summer evening the streets become filled with a very hospitable warmth. We have Croydon Tower which stands up to 230 metres high and looks over Croydon. Croydon Park is the home of the local football team Croydon United and has the large Asian Centre as well as a trendy book store.

Croydon has a lot to offer to the modern family. For the children the local train station has a regular service, but the real fun lies in the Croydon Heath Markets. Croydon residents can choose to buy great food and exotic shopping on the annual bazaar of the Inshore Docks. Croydon is popular with cruise liners for holidays.

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