Gas Storage Hot Water Systems in Melbourne

When you need hot water on-demand, you get it, right? You do if you have a high quality gas storage hot water system installed in your home. Whether a storage tank is more appropriate for your needs or the traditional hot water heater is more of what you need, the best brands on the market today offer you the best value for your Melbourne home.

Aquamax, Dux, Rheem, and Thermann all provide you with a dependable experience for a price that is surprisingly affordable. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new storage hot water system right now, then here are some tips to help you make sure you spend your hard earned money on a product that will effectively meet your needs.

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The Right Capacity Storage Hot Water Makes All the Difference

aquamax-gas-hot-water-unitsMost storage tank systems for hot water are sold based on the amount of water that they can hold. For the average household of 2-4 individuals, a 300 litre gas storage hot water systems provides enough hot water on demand for about 3 showers, a load of laundry, washing the dishes, and for washing the hands with warm water about a dozen times. Households of 5-6 should consider stepping up to a tank that holds at least 400 litres at a time.

Capacity isn’t the only measurement to consider during the shopping process. Water is funneled into the tank after hot water is used, which means there is always a supply that is being heated. This means the first-hour rating of the tank will measure how much additional water can be replaced in an hour after the reserves have been used.

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Why Gas Over Electric Storage Tanks?

 It is true that electrical hot water storage tanks are less expensive to purchase in most circumstances. The only problem is that electrical heat is not as efficient for a storage tank as gas heat happens to be. Over the average lifespan of any hot water system, gas systems are going to have 50% of the ongoing service costs of their electrical counterparts. It may only take 12 months for the price difference of the storage tank to be recovered because of how efficient gas heating is for a water storage tank.

To break this down into real numbers, the average home in Melbourne spends about 20% of their energy costs on heating water. Upgrading to a brand new gas storage hot water system can cut that percentage down to 10%. That means a $300 current cost for electrical heat due to the water storage system potentially becomes $150. What could you do with an extra $1,500+ every year?

Have You Heard of a Condensing Gas Storage Tanks?

One of the exciting new innovations in field of hot water storage systems are condensing gas water tanks. These are extremely energy efficient systems that work well for Melbourne households that need hot water support for at least 2 individuals on a daily basis. The system captures the heat that would normally escape through the tank’s flue so that it can be recycled into the heating process. This prevents water from turning into vapor and can further reduce monthly costs.


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Do You Need an Anti-Scale System?

 The top brands today also create hot water systems that are not as affected by the minerals that can sometimes be found in Melbourne’s water supply. This white, flaky substance is called “scale” and it builds up a few particles at a time in some homes. You’ll see it around the drains of your sink, on faucet heads, and sometimes as water spots on your dishware. Hot water systems with anti-scale require less cleaning because the water is swirled at the bottom of the tank.

You can then create security with your investment by looking for a storage tank that offers a long-term warranty. Most warranties from the top brands like Aquamax, Dux, Rheem, and Thermann will usually be in the 3-12 year range. The cost of a hot water system with an extended warranty is usually a little more, but you also typically receive better protection for your overall investment.

As a final step, think about investing into brass drain valves if you can, a glass-lined tank to prevent internal corrosion, and make sure your new storage tank fits into the space properly before purchasing so you’re not stuck with an unpleasant installation surprise.

Your Melbourne home deserves to have the hot water you need when you need to have it. A proper gas storage hot water system will do just that. Contact Veeken Plumbing today with any question you may have about your hot water system so that you won’t be left out in the cold.