New Hot Water Heater For Winter – Aquamax 390 Stainless Steel – 5 Star – 12 Year Warranty

Aquamax 390 Stainless Steel - New Hot Water Heater For Winter - 5 Star - 12 Year Warranty

With winter just a day away it might be time to upgrade your hot water heater to something that can handle the colder weather and longer showers. We recommend an AquaMax 390 Stainless Steel Hot Water System, with a whopping 390 litres you definitely won’t run out of hot water and with 5-star energy rating it’s not going to cost you on your gas bills.

The stainless steel cylinder comes with a 12-year warranty, that’s the longest cylinder warranty on the market so you’ll know you won’t have any cold showers for at least 12 years. Visit ou online store to order.


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Aquamax 390SS Diagram


The AquaMax design is the nicest on the market, it has slim futuristic design that fits into any location


The AquaMAX 390 patented in-built mixing valve gives you up to 390 Litres first hour delivery with a 5 Star Energy Rating and 12 Year cylinder warranty

Power : natural gas
Location : external
Cylinder size : 155 litres
First hour delivery: 390 litres first hour
Recovery rating : 185 litres per hour at 45deg rise

Technical Information

Unit height : 1635 mm
Unit width : 520 mm
Unit depth : 610 mm
Water outlet : 370 mm
Water inlet : 370 mm
Gas/power inlet: 370 mm
Water inlet : 20mm (3/4″) female
Water outlet : 20mm (3/4″) female
Gas connection : 15mm (1/2″) compression
Ptr valve : 1400 kpa/99deg c


Product Warranty: 12 Years

AquaMax relighting procedure